The Council of
Thrice Illustrious Masters
of Arkansas
Order of the Sword and Trowel
Fraternal Greetings and

Charles H. Ferguson, GHP
Thrice Illustrious Master
2018 - 2019

Meets twice annually: At the Grand sessions and 1st Saturday in May.

OFFICERS 2018-2019
Thrice Illustrious Master Charles H. Ferguson, GHP
T.I. Senior Warden Ronald Tucker
T.I. Jr. Warden Paul Craig
T.I. Treasurer/Registrar Silas Wilson
T.I. Steward Wm. Ronald Frizzell
T.I. Sentinel Phillip McConnell
T.I. Chaplain Mark Kalkbrenner
T.I. Dir. of Work T.J. Henwood, PTIM

2018 Class
Ronald P. Schmidt Memorial Class

L-R: Ray Mathew, Joe Barber, Troy Cole, Jerry Brooks,
JB Ethridge, Randy Gilles, Jacob Davis, Bobby Turner

For Official Information Contact:
Silas Wilson, Treasurer/Registrar
Visitors Since May 19, 2016
UPDATED - 050618 @ 1700 HRS

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